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Products / The Pocket Notebook Box ($81 value) - Standard Edition

The Pocket Notebook Box ($81 value) - Standard Edition


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Product Description

Writing is a major tool for the sophisticated man. Stay organized and focused on your daily goals with The Pocket Notebook Box. The featured item is a handcrafted, American made leather notebook cover by Blackthorn Leather ($50). It's a high quality piece that will last a lifetime. Fill your leather notebook cover with a 3 pack of notebooks by Baron Fig ($9). It's a stylish and understated notebook that will make you forget all about those generic marble notebooks of your past. Finally, put thought to paper with 3 Blackwing 602 pencils ($6). The iconic Blackwing pencil is the preferred writing tool of some of the greatest authors of all time including John Steinbeck. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck ($16) is a classic that every man should read, This is a quick, yet powerful read and the special Centennial edition will make a nice edition to your library. A total value of $81!

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