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Products / Camus ($122 Value) - Standard Edition - SOLD OUT

Camus ($122 Value) - Standard Edition - SOLD OUT


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Product Description

This box is set to make you stand out during the bleak winter months. Avoid being blinded by the snow and sun with a sharp pair of polarized sunglasses by Blender Eyewear ($48). Keep your cords organized with a 3 pack of Leather Cord Holders ($30) from Fionte. Also from Fionte is a Leather Key Holder ($30). This small change to your everyday carry will make a big stylish difference. With these three items, you will be all set to get through the winter (or summer) looking good. The Stranger ($14) is one of the best from Nobel Prize winning author and philosopher Albert Camus. The novel explores the themes of absurdism and existentialism that Camus was famous for. It's a quick read that will stay with you for a long time. This will be a great addition to your growing library. This carton has a total value of $122!

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