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Hesse ($191 Value) - Standard Edition - 1 Left


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Product Description

This box features a collection of items that will add a touch of class to your wardrobe. First, the Breed Holden chronograph watch ($150). This classy timepiece with a leather strap will add a bit of gravitas to any outfit. It works just as well with a suit as a pair of jeans. Next, a shoe bag from Cobbler Concierge ($15). Prevent your shoes from getting scuffed and damaged during storage or travel. Finally, a pop of color for your shoes with shoe laces from NobleSole ($10). The easiest way to add a pop of style to any outfit is by swapping out your laces. With these three items you not only get amazing value, you also get a solid improvement to your style. Our book this month is the incomparable Siddhartha ($16) by Herman Hesse. This Penguin Deluxe Classic edition not only has an amazing translation of the original text, but also has a visually striking cover that will stand out on your bookshelf. This carton has a total value of $191!

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