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Products / Kafka ($92 Value) - Standard Edition - SOLD OUT

Kafka ($92 Value) - Standard Edition - SOLD OUT


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Product Description

It's always the right time of year to focus on your financial well being. This collection provides the products that will keep your valuables safe, while looking as good as possible. First, the Step Up Wallet ($50), by Kiko Leather, will provide a sleek, minimal edition to your everyday carry. Next, a Leather Card Holder ($20), from Kiko Leather, is the perfect solution for those times when you only want to bring out the essentials. Finally, a bar of Dr. Squatch Crisp IPA Soap ($7) will keep you smelling as fresh as your financial situation. These items are paired with The Metamorphosis ($15) by Franz Kafka. This Penguin Modern Library Edition contains a stunning translation of this influential book. A story of alienation and adapting to circumstances. The Metamorphosis is a classic that belongs on every bookshelf. This carton has a total value of $92!

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