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Products / Albom ($95 Value) - Standard Edition - 1 LEFT!

Albom ($95 Value) - Standard Edition - 1 LEFT!


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Product Description

These items will help you look good, and stay organized. First, the Barry Beaux Tie ($35) with a classic yet modern design that will impress anyone who looks at it. Wear it with you nicest suit, or dress it down, it's good in any scenario. Next, a travel tie case from Articulate ($30) that will prevent your ties from getting damaged during travel and storage. Finally, a great pair of socks from The White Sock Company ($15). A great pair of socks can elevate an entire outfit, and these definitely fit the bill. The Book of the Month is Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom ($15). This book is a staff favorite and will be something you won't forget reading. It deserves a place on anyone's bookshelf, and will make a great addition to yours. This carton has a total value of $95!

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