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Wise Up! – The Wicked/Smart Party Card Game.


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Product Description

Wise Up! is old's cool, real-world fun that's not only unfair, frustrating, and physical, but also educational in a behind-the-woodshed way. Ha. It comes in a perfectly portable and classic travel tin that contains 200 cards, plus instructions. Estimated game time is about an hour, but since it's so much fun that'll seem like nothing! And you can certainly play for longer, or just have a quickie – it's up to you. We recommend 3-9 players, and even though everything is Rated G, it's probably best for ages 12 and older since some of the questions and challenges are intentionally difficult and not necessarily for the faint of heart, or head. And as with all our games: House Rules rule. Side bets welcome. Let's party!

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