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Products / Kwon ($102 Value) - Standard Edition - SOLD OUT

Kwon ($102 Value) - Standard Edition - SOLD OUT


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Product Description

This carton is focused on adding tasteful, and stylish additions to your style at home, on the road and with friends. First, a leather and felt desk tray from Kiko Leather ($30). This desk tray provides a stylish place to put your daily essentials. A wickedly smart party game, Wise Up! ($25), will provide hours of fun with friends and family. It's unique take on a card based party game will make you the star of any event. Our custom made, braided cuff links ($14) will add a unique and stylish addition to any outfit. Finally, a carbon fiber comb from Chicago Comb Co. ($17) that will last a lifetime and will upgrade an item you use everyday. Combined these items will provide subtle upgrades to your home, style, and grooming. The carton is named after the author R. O. Kwon. His book The Incendiaries ($16) is an exciting look into the conflicts of passion that can arise in a cult setting. It has been causing waves since its release and is a must read. It will make a great addition to your bookshelf. This carton has a total value of $102!

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