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Products / Morrison ($120 Value) - Standard Edition - ONLY A FEW LEFT!

Morrison ($120 Value) - Standard Edition - ONLY A FEW LEFT!


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Product Description

This carton is focused on bringing a refined dash of style to your wardrobe. First, a tie from BeSuited ($35) that will add a pop of color to any suit that you wear. Next, a contemporary take on men's jewelry with a bracelet from Honorable Beast ($25). A lapel pin is a surefire way to add a touch of class to any outfit, and this lapel pin from Finickey ($19) plays the part beautifully. Finally, a pocket square from Gibson Apparel ($25) will pull your look together, adding a dash of refined style and composure to your outfit. These items can be worn individually, for a simple flash of style, or together to pull together a magazine ready look. The carton is paired with Beloved by Toni Morrison ($16). This book is a poignant look into the life, and loss, of an escaped slave in Ohio. Beloved is as exciting as it is suspenseful. It is an all time classic, and will make a terrific addition to your bookshelf. This carton has a total value of $120!

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