What is a Cultured Man? He is a man who is open to new experiences and has a wealth of knowledge.  He is well groomed and never appears out of place. A Cultured Man can join and carry any conversation whether it is with the janitor or the CEO. He can cook a meal, fix a leaky faucet, and give sound advice. He brings value to his relationships at work and at home. The Cultured Man creates opportunities for himself and those around him, and most of all he makes an impact. 

How do I become a Cultured Man? Knowledge and Action. Three hundred years ago Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is power” and it has never been more true than today.  With so many sources of information finding a place to start can be overwhelming. 

Culture Carton solves that by curating a monthly subscription box containing a book, and 2-4 items aimed at helping the modern man. Culture Carton draws from the best minds from history, literature, and modern times, and keeps you up to date on the best new items and trends that will help you at work and at home. The Cultured Man uses his knowledge to take action and make an impact.

Three Rules For A Cultured Man:

Knowledge Is Power

Dress For Success

Always Be A Gentleman